Responsible Building

Redeux Developments has a strong commitment to sustainable building practices as well as preserving the character in the neighborhoods in which they build.

One of Redeux’s ongoing initiatives is to introduce eco-friendly homes in Denver’s most popular neighborhoods that provide families with a modern, open floor plan, including all of the high end finishes and amenities that set the standard of high end homes in today’s real estate market.

Many builders claim to build “green” by solely introducing environmentally friendly products and energy efficient lighting into their homes, but Redeux doesn’t stop here. By utilizing innovative building techniques and products, Redeux taps into extensive energy efficiency training used by builders in Europe that will drastically lower the homes total energy consumption resulting in lower utility costs for homeowners and a begin to build a better world for generations to come. Several approaches utilized by Redeux’s eco-friendly homes can include:

  • SIP panel construction
  • Predominately heated and cooled with Radiant heat technology
  • Focus on recycled materials and environmentally friendly products
  • Focus on products made by local companies and made in the USA
  • Consume 50% less energy, measured as average Xcel Savings per year
  • Built with 50% less waste than a typical home
  • Lower carbon footprint due to material distributions and staging
  • 30% more natural light than standard homes